Grabi chemical spa, a leading company in the production of biostimulants and chelates, will be present as a sponsor at the 16th edition of the International Congress signed by New Ag. which will be held from 21 to 23 March in Nairobi.
The conferences that will animate the three days will focus on high-tech agriculture, paying particular attention to the African agronomic and economic issues, in addition to the technological developments that are characterizing this country and that are making it a reality certainly in continuous growth and for this object of interest and research. 
Grabi also intends, not by chance, to invest in a catchment area of this kind, caused by crop diversification and the increasingly technological approach linked to the global needs dictated by agriculture (less residues in soil and crops, healthy food, optimisation of crop production and quality, less dispersion of resources).
Nairobi will therefore be a precious opportunity for us to offer the world of B2B integrated solutions and programs in agriculture, through the presentation of our realities and our commercial proposal. 
We will do so in our private room. We will be happy to meet anyone who is interested in getting to know us.
To schedule appointments or organize meetings, please contact our Marketing Manager Marco Grasselli at the following address: 
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